Aesop (Now Known as Absence Management)

Note: code for installing the Absence Management app = 7354

AimsWeb Plus

AimsWeb Plus


Applitrack (Now Known as Recruiting and Hiring)

Bridges in Mathematics


Bureau of Education and Research (BER)

Staff development in many formats. For CT events, click here.

Canvas LMS

Click on the Canvas logo above to go to the login page for Region 18's Canvas instance. To download Lockdown Browser for use with a Canvas assessment, go here.

Canvas Training

Authorized staff may register for:


Classzone (McDougal-Littell)

Textbook resources

Clever Portal

Staff log into the Clever portal with their Office 365 email addresses and  passwords:

Clever provides instant login to some web-based applications, and links to others.

Concussion Resources for Educators

Connecticut State Department of Education (CT SDE)

Connect-Ed (Glencoe Math)

Glencoe Math course materials

Dreambox Learning

Research-based math intervention

Discover Video

Live video streaming, video on demand, and digital signage

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

US Department of Education library of education research and information

Educators Handbook (Pilot)

Google Training

Google Training



System for blended learning, virtual schools and online credit recovery

HVAC Portal

IEP Direct

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) management

Infinite Visions


Microsoft Applications



For college counselors


Pebble Go

Pebble Go Next


PowerSchool (For Non Teaching Staff)


Student Information System (SIS)

PowerTeacher (For Teachers)

PowerSchool's teacher gradebook

Read Live


Reading Plus


Region 18 Technology Integration

Safe Schools (For Teachers)

Environmental/health/safety training for teachers

Safety Training (For Facilities/Technology Staff)

Environmental/health/safety training for facilities/technology staff

Scantron Performance Series

Online assessments. Not renewing for 2018-19 school year.

School Dude (Submit Facilities Work Requests)

School Dude Toolbox (Manage Facilities Work Requests)

Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal (SBAC)


Snap Health Center


ToDo Math

Click on logo for app information:


Or visit Teacher Login page



Typing Agent


YouTube Playlists