A Private School Experience in a Public School Setting


To recruit and retain high quality staff and to offer high quality training and professional development for all staff.        

                  .....from the Lyme-Old Lyme Strategic Plan

Our District strives to be a model organization that ensures continual professional growth and a commitment to self reflection and introspection for our staff.  

As a District, we believe an excellent organization can only be made up of individuals personally committed to excellence. Lyme-Old Lyme has embarked upon an extraordinary initiative in redefining how our organization recruits and nurtures exemplary educators for our school system.

Staff Working at Home with Their Pets!

Our therapy animal partners, Project Paws, were kind enough to put together a slideshow of our staff working at home with their furry friends. That video can be found here

2019-2020 Teacher of the Year
Mercedes Alger

Mercy Alger Teacher of Year 2019

2019-2020 Staff Member of the Year
Jeanne DeLaura

Jeanne DeLaura Staff Member of the Year 2019