Third Grade 

Science Websites

Vermi the Worm - Composting

Rocks, Soil and Our Earth

Rocks and Soil

All About Rocks

How Rocks are Formed 

It's Not Rocket Science - the rock cycle

Layers of the Past - learn about the different layers of the earth

Planet Pals - Friends of our Earth

Rocks and Soil

Rock Cycle Review

Animal Adaptation

Animation of the Three States of Matter 

Change It! - drag different objects into the freezer or oven and see what happens

Drag and Drop Earth Day Puzzle

Online Coloring Pages for Earth Day

Regional Math and Science Center

Science Glossary - a dictionary of grade 3 science terms

Solid, Liquid or Gas? - great site from the BBC

States of Matter of Water - also from the BBC

The Great Corn Adventure - learn all about corn in the wonderfully animated site

Three States of Matter - from Idaho Public Television - great explanations and links within this site

What is Your Earth IQ? - great site for Earth Day

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - answer questions about the states of matter

The Skeleton

Rain Forest Research 

Play: Journey to the Amazonia

Rainforests from Enchanted Learning

Explore the Rainforests

Layers of the Rainforest

Exploring the Tropical Rainforests 

Sounds of the Rainforest

Rainforest Video Clips - requires Quick Time

Learning about Rainforests

Endangered or Interesting Animals

Animal Info from Sea World

Endangered Species ThinkQuest

Yahooligans Links to Endangered Species

Explore the Rainforests

Layers of the Rainforest Save the Manatee

Bats! A slide Show

Seaworld ...Animal Bytes

Welcome to the Wet Tropics

Language Arts

A Personalized Story  - A Mad Lib type story

ABC Sorting Games - put the words in alphabetical order

Assorted Grammar Exercises  Check out all the great online quizzes!

Big Dog's Grammar

Chomp Chomp - everything you want to help you understand grammar

Conjunction Junction - choose the correct conjunction to join the two parts of the sentence

Contractions?  Find out at this Quia quiz

Contractions and Negatives

English Zone - links to every aspect of language arts

Final -Er Challange!

Grammar Blast - online games from Houghton Mifflin

Homophone Review Quiz  A bit of a challenge!

Interactve Grammar Quizzes

Interactive Literacy Activities for Kids  A wonderful collection of great language arts review sites

Jelly Fish - find the prefix, the base word and the suffix

Letter Writing Guide

"More Homophones" Quiz

Practice Your Contractions

Practice Your Punctuation - from Harcourt Brace

Proofreading Skills - practice capitalization, punctuation, spelling, usage and putting it all together

Quiz Yourself on Commas

Read Write Think - essay mapping tool

Read Write Think - story mapping/conflict

Read Write Think - webbing tool

Spin to Win - spin the wheel and decide if the word is real or not

The Friendly Letter Generator

The Parts of a Friendly Letter

To, Too and Two

Unscramble The Sentences

What's the Deal with There, Their and They're?

What's the Deal with To, Too and Two?

Scholastic Story Starter

Imagination Writing Prompt



Test Prep Fun

Glossary and Tools

Math Dictionary for Kids

Timed Math Drill

Arithematic Four (Connect Four)

Base Ten Blocks 





Money Games

Change Maker

Money Word Problems


Check out the assortment of games to challenge your geography skills.


InternetUse and Safety

Digital Passport

Fact Monster Safe Searches


Telling Time - New Games!!

Clock Maker

Bedtime Bandits!


Clocks - Elapsed TIme

Telling Time - very easy

Telling Time - easy

Telling Time - average

Telling Time - hard

Telling Time - military

Clock Maker

Bedtime Bandits!


Clocks - Elapsed TIme

Telling Time - very easy 

Telling Time - easy 

Telling Time - average 

Telling Time - hard 

Telling Time - military 

Native American Unit

Native American Tales

Native American Magazine

Interactive Beading

The Great Corn Adventure

Memory Match

Basketry Memory Game

Kids Know it!

 Internet Exploring

Ask For Kids




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