Why Create A PowerSchool Parent Account?

Once a student is entered into the PowerSchool SIS (Student Information System), each parent/guardian for that student is welcome to create a Powerschool public portal account.

Parent accounts can be used to check a student's attendance and meal balance.

For students in grades 6-12, grades progress can also be viewed.

Information Needed To Connect To A Student

A parent needs two numbers for each student that will be connected to that parent's PowerSchool account.

The "access id" is the child's 5-digit Powerschool number, which can be obtained from the school's main office.

The "access password" is the child's birthdate in MMDDYYYY format. Leading zeros for January-September birth dates must be included.

How To Create A Powerschool Parent Account

  1. Go to https://region18.powerschool.com/public
  2. Click on the Create Account button:
  3. On the top portion of this page,  fill in your parent/guardian first name, last name, email address, desired username and password:
  4. On the bottom portion of this page, for each student you have that information for, enter the Student Name, Access ID and Access Password. If you do not have the access id or access password for the student for whom you are a parent/guardian, please email Tammy Noyes.
  5. Use the relationship pull-down menu to choose your relationship to the student listed on that line (you are the father, mother, etc...)
  6. Click on the Enter button.

How To Add Another Child To An Existing Parent Account

If you made a parent account previously, and need to add another student to that account:
  1. Log into your parent account
  2. Click on Account Preferences in the left-hand column
  3. Select the Students tab in the right-hand pane
  4. Click on the Add button and enter the student name, access id and access password
  5. Use the Relationship pull-down menu to choose your relationship to the student
  6. Click on the Enter button
  7. Now, you will have buttons to choose from at the top of the portal window for each child you'd like to access info about

Checking Your Child's Meal And Fee Balances

  1. Log into the Powerschool portal
  2. Click on the Balance button in the left hand menu:
  3. Your child's Meal Transactions Balance will be at the top of the page. A positive meal balance means that the student has credit against which he/she can charge. A negative meal balance means that the student owes money to the school district.
  4. Scroll down the page. Below the meal transactions is your child's Fee Transactions Balance. In contrast to what is true about meal balances, a positive fee balance means that your child owes money to the school district. This could be for lost books, athletic uniforms, etc...

Meal Balance Payments Using The RevTrak System

  1. Log into the PowerSchool portal
  2. Click on the Balance button in the left hand menu:
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to the Lyme-Old Lyme Web Store
  4. Click on the Food Service and Fee Payments button:
  5. Enter your PowerSchool Username and Password:
  6. Click on Continue
  7. In the Add Funds column, enter the amount you would like to pay
  8. Click on Next Page
  9. Click on Go To Checkout
  10. Sign in using your Revtrak payment login, which is a login separate from  your PowerSchool one. Revtrak usernames are email addresses. If you do not have a Revtrak account yet, select "I am a new customer" and create one.

Please note that the Revtrak site charges a service fee for managing payments for the school district. The amount of the fee will be displayed before you approve of your purchase.

PowerSchool Questions Or Password Resets

If you have questions about PowerSchool, or need to have your PowerSchool portal password reset, please email Tammy Noyes.

RevTrak Password Resets

School district personnel do not have the ability to reset Revtrak payment account passwords. Please contact Revtrak at 800-323-5953 if you have forgotten your password.

PowerSchool Mobile Apps

The PowerSchool mobile app allows access to most of the content in the PowerSchool public portal:
Android appiOS app
To configure, enter XMLP as the District Code
Note: within the mobile app, a student's schedule for an upcoming term will not be visible until the first day of that term. However, the schedule is visible in the Powerschool portal if you are using an Internet browser on a smartphone or computer.

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