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General Information

Principal's Message

Welcome to the world of Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School where we believe that the “Middle is the Best

Mark Ambruso, Principal
Mark Ambruso, Principal
Noah Ventola, Assistant Principal 
Noah Ventola, Assistant Principal

Place To Be.” We understand the importance of middle school experience as a bridge from nurturing elementary school and to the demanding high school experiences. The faculty and staff are professionally trained in helping to facilitate this transition. With our commitment to academic excellence, we are committed to challenging the young people each year as they grow into independent learners and responsible citizens. As the requirements for excellence becomes more challenging, we work with young people to acquire the essential skills and understandings that will allow them to succeed in high school and beyond.

Anyone who has experienced the trials and tribulations of the middle school experience will tell you that this is the best time for inventing oneself. Our role as school teachers and staff is to provide a safe and nurturing environment while middle schoolers try to define what kind of student they will be.

Our role is to enable the students to enjoy their uniqueness and build on the strengths they bring to our school. We work to eliminate all the barriers that cause the young people to doubt their abilities. This is all based on an understanding of respect and responsibility. We ask the young people to respect oneself, respect others and respect the facilities.

The combination of the efforts of parents and teachers creates the strong bond of a successful

school. We use the symbol of R2 where that means we believe in the notion of Respect and Responsibility. As you explore these web pages, we hope that you can feel the enthusiam we have created. We will continue to develop a challenging and engaging environment in which students and staff can work and learn. We are LOLMS where the middle is truly the best place to be.  

Mark Ambruso


Class Size Guidelines

Grade Level

Class Size









5 through 12


Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities Brochure

(Clubs and activities are subject to change based on student interest.)

Handbook / Safe School Climate Plan / Bullying Prevention Plan / Report Bullying Incident

Honor Roll / Gifted and Talented Enrichment

2nd Quarter Honor Roll for 2018-2019 School Year

High Honors
A- average or above, no incompletes, and no grades below a B

B average or above, no incompletes, and no grades below a B-

Letter Grade Conversion Rubric

A+  4.33B+  3.33C+  2.33D+  1.33 F 0.00
 A 4.00 B 3.00 C 2.00 D 1.00  
 A- 3.67 B- 2.67 C- 1.67 D- 0.67  



Gifted and Talented Enrichment Curriculum

Gifted and Talented Enrichment Individual Student Review Form

Rotation Schedules: Regular, Delayed Opening and Early Dismissal

Rotation Schedule 2018-2019

Delayed Opening Schedule 2018-2019
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Early Dismissal Schedule 2018-2019
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Staff Teams

6th Grade Team

Rachel Carrion
Michael Gilson
Deborah House
Heather Mariani
Phil Milnarik
Mary Murray
Marc Vendetti

7th Grade Team

Leonore D'Onofrio
Beth Goulding
Olivia Hersant
Mary Beth Hibson
Heather Saia
Daniel Watrous for Jennifer Skelly (on leave for 2018-2019)

8th Grade Team

Steven Bushnell
David Dander
Paula Gaudet
Shannon Glorioso
Jane Regan
Mary Roth
Pam Russell 

Unified Arts

Art - Thelma Halloran
Computer - William Eydman
Family & Consumer Sciences - Jacquelyn Grady
Health - Patricia Cournoyer
Library - Lucy Trost
Music - Laura Gladd; Carrie Wind
Physical Education - Patricia Cournoyer; Erin Crayton; Tim Gavin
Technology Education - Jennifer Costigan
Instructional Technology Specialist - Andrew Raucci
Young Scholars - William Eydman

Other Areas

Guidance - Renee Molnar
Psychologist - Sheri Staranchak
Speech/Language - Michael Dauphinais; Mary Pope; Kathleen Zingg

Supply Lists for 6th Grade Students

Challenging * Achieving * Excelling

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