Student Stand-Outs

March/April 2016

Lauren Schillawski 

March/April 2016 Student Stand-Out Lauren Schillawski

Lauren is a student in advanced woodworking and has demonstrated superior skill and craftsmanship. This year she volunteered to remake the iconic Sherlock Holmes sign that greets visitors at Gillette Castle State Park. The existing sign was created in the sixties and was showing its age with rot and wear. She took the creation of the new sign digital, designing first in CAD and then programing a CNC router to cut the silhouette of Sherlock. She followed up with lots of traditional handwork to create a sign that should last the next fifty years.

 Jess Kegley  

March/April 2016 Student Stand-Out Jess Kegley

Jess goes above and beyond in French II. For example, given an assignment to write six sentences, Jess writes a full page every time! Additionally, Jess is practicing her French outside the class , penpaling with a French native speaker in town!  Felicitations Jess!

 Christian Sweeney  

March/April 2016 Student Stand-Out Christian Sweeney

This year, nearly 320,000 works were submitted to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards nationwide, and only the top 40% received recognition (Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention).   Senior Christian Sweeney’s Writing Portfolio, entitled "Metamorphosis" has won a Golden Key for the Scholastic Art & Writing Award. In addition, Christian’s poem "Growing Up" and short story "The Greatest Mind of a Generation" were awarded Silver Keys for poetry and “Flash Fiction” respectively. Please congratulate Christian Sweeney on this remarkable accomplishment! 

February 2016

   Ion Gordon Ion Gordon self-portrait

February 2016 Student Stand-Out Ion Gordon

Junior Ion Gordon won First Place in the drawing category at the Shoreline Arts Alliance “Future Choices” art awards. Drawing is the most competitive category since they get the most submissions by far. Students from 15 towns in the Shoreline region compete for honors in this show. Ion submitted two self-portraits and won the prize for both.

December 2015

Abby Carlson

December 2015 Student Stand-Out Abby Carlson

As a final project for a unit on storytelling, Ms. Carbone and Mr. Mortali’s grade 9 classes wrote their own true and fictional stories. Using what they had learned about plot archetypes during the unit, each student created a piece of writing following a certain plot structure; stories ranged from the “hero’s journey” or the “quest” to traditional origin myths and cautionary tales. Each student shared his or her story with the class in an end-of-unit “Story Slam” atmosphere. 

One after another, students stood up in front of the class, some having practiced reading their stories to the point of memorization. There were stories of suspense, drama, and humor, but when Abby Carlson stood up to tell her story to Ms. Carbone’s period two class, something truly amazing happened. 

As Abby clearly and eloquently recited her well-crafted story, the class grew quietly rapt with attention. Abby’s tale of “overcoming the monster” unfolded as she described her experience with bullying and its psychological effects. Even more incredible than Abby’s bravery in sharing her experience with the class was the grace and poise she exhibited when delivering her final message of good triumphing over evil: “What I want to share with the class…what I want everyone to take away from this story,” she declared to the hushed crowd, “is that you should never be afraid to be who you are and do what you love.” The class burst into applause, and we all knew a significant shift had occurred in the dynamic of the class.

After Abby’s powerful recitation of her story, “Friendship of Mistakes,” her classmates seemed more bold and confident. Those who had been afraid to present their stories no longer gave way to their stage fright. The force of Abby’s story lies partly in the raw, painful truth she exposes about the power of bullying but even more so in the fact that she recognizes the way out is through support and self-confidence.

Ms. Carbone’s period two class is even more of a supportive learning community now that Abby has shared her story, and we thank her for it by recognizing her courage here as a Student Stand-Out.

Read Abby Carlson's "Friendship of Mistakes"

September 2015

Zach Welch

September 2015 Student Stand-Out Zach Welch 

This month’s Student Standout goes to Zach Welch, class of 2016, who created a teacher interview video for the LOLHS Summer Reading Celebration. 

Zach’s video is outstanding as it shows a variety of teachers sharing their first memory of reading, as well as their favorite book. In addition, all interviewees share why reading is important to them and to us, as a society. VERY COOL STUFF! Way to go, Zach!!

Props to Zach for going above and beyond with the use of Technology!! 

Here is a link to Zach's video, "LOLHS Reads" 

March / April 2015

March / April 2015 Student Stand-Out Gus Cummins

Gus Cummins is the LOLHS Student Stand-Out for March/April 2015. Gus volunteers in PE class, assisting Mr. Rayder with setting up and running activities. As a P.E.E.P. (Physical Education Expert Personnel), Gus participates in all activities and helps other students to take part and feel comfortable in the process. Gus has empathy for others. Kind, compassionate and good-humored, Gus is always looking for ways to get involved. As Mr. Rayder shared, “Gus just gets it. What a great, great kid.” Congratulations Gus, keep up the good work! 

January 2015

Alexis Taylor

January 2015 Student Stand-Out Alexis Taylor

Alexis’ Transcendental nature journal stands out from the rest because it incorporates an internalization of the Transcendental values as well as aesthetic elements that unify the journal’s themes. Her thought, effort, and creativity have provided an exemplar to future students.

November 2014

November 2014 Student Stand-Outs Adam Czarnecki and Alex Edwards

The objective of the City Designer performance task was to design a city. The project had to follow certain guidelines as to location of the streets and buildings and also demonstrate the student's ability to utilize the knowledge about angles formed by parallel lines being intersected by a transversal. Alex and Adam did an outstanding job creating a 3-D design of the city using Legos. Great job gentlemen! 

September 2014

Nate Bersing

September 2014 Student Stand-Out Nate Bersing

Nate is a leader in U.S. History class. His comments and questions push the discussion further, his work completion is solid, and his grades have ranked him among the highest achievers in the class. Great start to the year and great work Nate!

 Chris Kirk

September 2014 Student Stand-Out Chris Kirk

Chris has a strong interest in Greek, and has started to complete homework in that alphabet (one of the Academic Incentives in Latin class). Hats off to Chris for taking this on!

Κρις Κιρκ ηας αν ιντερεστ ιν Γρεεκ, ανδ χας σταρτεδ το κομπλετε χομεουρκ ιν θατ αλφαβετ (ουνε οφ θε Ακαδεμικ Ινσεντιυες ιν λατιν κλασς).

June 2014

Dan Rockwell

June 2014 Student Stand-Out Dan Rockwell

Dan Rockwell is our Student Stand-Out for June. Dan passed an extremely difficult Microsoft Office Certification test. He was the only student in the class to pass the test. The test is given by Microsoft and it is used in the business world to determine an employee's knowledge of Microsoft Office. Many colleges will accept this certification in place of an introduction to computer class, and according to Microsoft, Dan is now proficient in PowerPoint.

April 2014

Jennifer Dill and Kelly Mastrianna

April 2014 Student Stand-Outs Jennifer Dill and Kelly Mastrianna

Jenn Dill and Kelly Mastrianna have been working collaboratively throughout the school year to improve their physical fitness. They have a great partnership and have both made "strides" toward the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. Go girls!!  

March 2014

Hannah Wilczewski and Hannah O'Brien

March 2014 Student Stand-Outs Hannah Wilczewski and Hannah O'Brien

Both of these girls served as tour guides to our prospective transfer students. They represented themselves and LOLHS in a mature, sophisticated and eloquent manner.

February 2014

Kerriann Sullivan

February 2014 Student Stand-Out Kerriann Sullivan

Kerriann has been helpful to the Counseling Office on a number of occasions. The Counseling Office sometimes has tasks that are so big, involving mass mailings or preparing handouts for the entire student body, that without Kerriann's help, the tasks would take days to complete. She works quickly, cooperatively and produces great results. This allows the Counseling Office staff to attend to the students' and faculty's needs more quickly and the office to run more efficiently.

January 2014

January 2014 Student Stand-Out Marley Bocian

Marley is a stand-out in Social Studies because she sets the bar for what it means to be a hard worker. She is actively engaged in class and is very conscientious about her schoolwork. Her final project, a film critique blog, is exemplary. Marley shows "leadership by example" at all times; from her welcoming smile to her helpful demeanor; she is universally respected by peers and teachers. Marley is a true student stand-out.

Marley's blog "Remember the Titans"

October 2013

Jessica Lee

October 2013 Student Stand-Out Jessica Lee

Students in AP Biology participate in a variety of challenging lab tasks in which they must conceptualize the set-up, gather the materials, execute the lab, and document their findings. For the Enzyme lab, Jess went above and beyond, crafting what the teacher referred to as one "incredible" lab report.

View sample of Jessica's lab report on enzymes.

 Hannah Paynter

October 2013 Student Stand-Out Hannah Paynter

In French IV, students are expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding of multiple linguistic components, especially grammatical concepts. Hannah is a hard worker, one who always goes beyond the requirements, and her efforts demonstrate that she has a high mastery of French skills.

View sample of Hannah's work.

September 2013

Allison Murphy

September 2013 Student Stand-Out Allison Murphy

This year, biology students in Mrs. Fried’s classes have been working on science journals that require them to reflect on their learning by reading science-based news articles and making connections to what we are discussing in class. Students are asked to respond to three prompts each week, and Allison Murphy consistently finds interesting articles that directly relate to class content and makes strong connections to what she has learned.

Click here to view samples of Allison's journal.

May  2013

May 2013 Student Stand-Out Russell Faircloth

Among the many stand-out music students at LOLHS is Russell Faircloth. Russell set a goal for himself this year to win auditions and participate in all the music festivals that LOLHS participates in . . . and he achieved just that!  Russell’s hard work, determination and talent resulted in his participation in the Shoreline, Eastern Region, New England, and All-State Music Festivals as well as the ASBDA Honor Band. Russell has represented our school at the highest musical level, including an outstanding solo performance at the Memorial Day services.


May 2013 Student Stand-Out Johnny Fairfield-Sonn

Johnny Fairfield-Sonn is an outstanding student who is both ambitious and diligent. His performance in Chinese III, especially his exceptional writing samples, have made him a stand-out this month. He is always well prepared for class and going above and beyond what is required with all assignments. His achievement is evident in his writing samples. While most others are happy with what is minimally required, Johnny is always reaching higher to the most challenging level of accomplishment. 

April 2013

Slater Gregory

April 2013 Student Stand-Out Slater Gregory

To promote a love of literature and to develop public speaking skills, students in Senior Honors English classes recently internalized a British Romantic poem and recited it for their classmates. They were also asked to find a companion poem that connected to their British Romantic poem.  Slater Gregory chose to write his own original song to accompany his poem.  By writing his own song, Slater exhibited exceptional use of craftsmanship and the creative process.  Click on the links below to read the poem Slater selected, to read his own lyrics and to hear his original song.  Move over John Mayer!

A Dream by William Blake     Read lyrics to  Sweet Little Thing     Listen to Sweet Little Thing

March 2013

March 2013 Student Stand-Outs Ryan Sikora and Zach Hatfield

The students in Web Design were hired by the Lyme-Old Lyme Basketball Club to create a web page from the information provided to them. Zach Hatfield and Ryan Sikora's website design was selected by the Basketball Club as their webpage. The boys collaborated and came up with the following: The Basketball Club is thrilled with their new page!

February 2013

Georgia Male

February 2013 Student Stand-Out Georgia Male

One of the culminating activities of the senior English elective, Writing and Communication, is a public speaking unit. Students create their own original speeches using “TED Talks” as models. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and their motto is “Ideas Worth Spreading.”  Georgia Male developed her talk based on the idea that rats are misunderstood animals. Needless to say, her topic was challenging, but she researched, organized and prepared her speech so effectively that by the end of her delivery, the class was nodding along and agreeing that rats have been unfairly maligned throughout history. Because she went above and beyond the expectations for the assignment and presented such a polished, and professional speech, Georgia Male is the English department student standout for the month of March.

January 2013

Fiona Barrett was named January's Rotary Student of the Month. From left to right is Michelle Dean, LOLHS Assistant Principal, Fiona, and Jeanne Manfredi, World Language Teacher 

December 2012

Oreo City

December 2012 Student Stand-Out James Kolb

The objective of the City Designer performance task was to design a city. The project had to follow certain guidelines as to location of the streets and buildings and also demonstrate the student's ability to utilize the knowledge about angles formed by parallel lines being intersected by a transversal. James did an outstanding job creating a 3-D view of the city. His work has since become a conversation piece among many students that enter the classroom. Great job James!

Sam Stadnick Rotary Student of the Month for December 2012
Sam Stadnick was named December's Rotary Student of the Month. From left to right is Sam's parents, Sam, Assistant Principal Michelle Dean, and Social Studies Teacher Brett Eckhart.

November 2012

 Matt Przybysz

November 2012 Student Stand-Out Matthew Przybysz.


A part of every Biology class at LOLHS entails writing comprehensive lab reports about the experiments performed. Matt's work typifies an outstanding final product - concise, factual, and able to demonstrate the student's ability to understand and apply the concepts being examined in the lab. View lab report.


October 2012 

To promote writing across the disciplines and to align with the new Common Core Standards, each week students taking business courses have to read a variety of relevant articles and then select an article of their choice to which they respond. Along with her classmates, Theresa Hall related her article to marketing by taking an on-line survey about the paper, the article, and her future career goals. In addition to providing an article summary, she indicated the way in which the topic impacted her. View project.

Theresa Hall

October 2012 Student Stand-Out Theresa Hall

In order for students to internalize key themes in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, students in grade 11 American Literature II were asked to create an authentic Puritan Journal from the perspective of a character in the play. Cameron De Los Santo's journal demonstrates exceptional creativity and innovation as the entries trace Reverand Hale's evolution as a character. The "voice" of Hale permeates each journal entry and reflects his inner turmoil as the witch trials gain momentum and turn into hysteria.

photo of Cameron De Los Santos journal
Pictured above is a photo of Cameron De Los Santos' journal. Click on the journal to read Cameron's entries in the journal...


September 2012

Our English class studied the monomyth, also known as the Hero's Journey. Our assignment was to create a model of the journey using an original idea, person, or group of people. We chose the Soldier's Story, set the PowerPoint to music, and showed the steps of the journey in terms of a young soldier who leaves home, goes into a new world, and comes out a wiser adult. View project.


Student Stand-Outs for September 2012 are left to right: Greg Garrison, Jackson Bennett and Sean Crowley


 Lindsey Knepshield was named September's English Rotary Student of the Month. From left to right is English Teacher Karen Duhamel, Lindsey, Mrs. Knepshield and Assistant Principal Michelle Dean

June 2012

Student Stand-Outs for the month of June 2012 are freshmen Catie Quaratella and Aidan LIefeld. From over 60 essays, their work was selected for both craftsmanship and creativity.

Read Catie's Essay Read Aidan's Essay

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