Welcome to Mrs. Sparaco's Class

A Typical Day in Grade Three

Morning Work

This is a very important time of the day to get organized.  The day begins with watching the Mile Creek Morning News on the Smartboard. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance, record the lunch count, and take the attendance.  Homework is handed in and assignment sheets are signed.  We spend time discussing the events of the day and going over the daily agenda on the board.  Morning work consists of journal writing and mathematics review.


Primary Spelling By Pattern is a classroom tested, expertly designed spelling and word study program.  The goal is to teach an understanding of spelling rules and concepts in order to help students remember a word's spelling, meaning, and grammatical role.  There is a set of 20 study words divided into groups of specific patterns.  Exercises that include word usage, syllable structure, word sorting with main spelling patterns, and other phonemic awareness lessons are introduced over a two week lesson.  Post tests are given after each unit.

English Language Arts:

Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

In the early grades, students have been "learning to read". Third graders are now at the stage of "reading to learn" to comprehend text by reading closely and reading for the gist.

There are four ELA Expeditionary Learning units in third grade that incorporate Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills. These units align with the Common Core State Standards.Third graders are encouraged to activate prior background knowledge, make text connections, and provide accurate predictions to improve reading comprehension. The four units are The Power of Reading, Freaky Frogs, Peter Pan, and Water.

Third graders will learn how to write a well written paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion. Students will also learn how to take notes while researching a variety of topics. Graphic organizers are used to structure and organize written language to sequence ideas into paragraphs. 

Communication skills which include listening and speaking are reinforced in each of the ELA Expeditionary Learning units. There are many opportunities for oral discussions and technology enhanced presentations.


Art, Music, Computer Lab, Physical Education, Spanish, and Library are scheduled.


Regional School District #18 recently selected a "new" mathematics program for the 2017-2018 school year called "Bridges in Mathematics." There are key concepts introduced on a monthly basis. "Number Corner" is an essential component of the program and addresses the Common Core State Standards. This program will provide a new way of thinking about mathematics that teaches students the mathematical concepts at a deeper level. Stay tuned! 


Cursive handwriting lessons are taught using the D'Nealian method. Third graders will learn all of the upper and lower case letters in cursive during the course of the year.  Students will focus on keyboarding skills in the computer lab and the classroom. "Typing Agent" is a keyboarding program that can be used in school and also used at home for more keyboarding practice.

Lunch and Recess


The third graders enjoy listening to a story that is read aloud by the teacher.  Often, it may be related to the thematic unit of study.

Science and Social Studies Thematic Units

There are several Social Studies and Science units in the third grade curriculum.  We begin the year with Good Citizenship.  Science topics include States of Matter, Geology, Conservation, and  Adaptations. Social Studies include our Community: Old Lyme and our State of Connecticut. A trip to Hartford is scheduled for the end of the school year.  We also receive weekly non-fiction magazines and discuss current events.

Organize and Pack 

The third graders check mailboxes and home folders are packed with assignments, homework, notices, and corrected assignments.  Organization skills are very important in the third grade.  We prepare for dismissal and tidy the classroom.  We also have a weekly desk tidy.  The "Desk Fairy" comes once per week to inspect our desks. 


Wow!  The bus is here already?  We have had a very busy day learning and working together!

Mrs. Sparaco

Grade 3

Mile Creek School

Room 16



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