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Daily Dismissal

ALL students go home THEIR normal way UNLESS I receive a note, a phone call or a message from the office stating otherwise.  PLEASE be sure that your child knows each morning of their schedule for dismissal.  It is really hard for your child to concentrate when they aren’t sure what the plans are.  If your child is attending CCD, GRASP, BAASP, will be a walker everyday or another ongoing function, one note to cover this time frame is sufficient.  I realize dismissal plans may change, just please let me know as soon as you can. In order for us to have a smooth dismissal time, your child and I need to know where they are going as early in the day as possible.  I know it sound redundant but this issue is so important to your child’s safety.

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Lunch/Milk Money

We do have a new food service but I am assuming that things will run pretty much the same.  Money is collected the first day of the school week.  Please put your child’s money for the week in an envelope with their name on it.  If for any reason your child forgets their money or their lunch, please be assured that that I’ll let them call you to bring a lunch or they can get hot lunch that day and pay for it the next day.  I never want a child to not have something for lunch.

On a similar note, PLEASE be sure your child eats something for breakfast!  I realize some are really not hungry first thing in the morning but this is the most important meal they eat.

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Students need to bring a healthy snack and an optional drink EVERYDAY! Have your child pack this as part of their homework each night. Water is always available and I encourage each child to bring in a water bottle.  One that has a screwed on top is best

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If you would like to send in a treat please do! Summer birthdays can be celebrated at the end of the school year.  Please provide enough for about 22 people.  Please be aware that one student in the class has a tree nut allergy, pineapple and grapefruit allergy. I usually have alternate and safe treats for this student.   I ask that you refrain from distributing invitations in school.  I can’t tell you how many times that I have had to tend to students who have gotten upset over not receiving an invitation.  It is much better sending them via mail.

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Room Moms or Dads

I am looking for one or two moms or dads to help organize some events throughout the year.  Let me know and I’ll be in touch. I normally don’t have parents volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis.  I will ask for help with certain projects.  Volunteering for different events for Center School are great ways for you to help your child.

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A few times a year, your child will be given a project to complete at home and bring into school.  There will be specific instructions and due dates given.  I will give specific information and a paper for you to sign when the assignment is given.

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We do a wide variety of scientific inquiry in 4th grade.  Each 4th grade teacher specializes in one area of science so each 4th grader has the opportunity to learn a different topic.  We switch classes from 4-8 times during the year depending on the topic.  This is our 2nd year in piloting new science kits so please be patient as we are experimenting too.  The areas that we focus on are Force and Motion, Response to Stimuli (animal behavior), Water Cycle, and Land/Water Interactions and Electricity and Magnetism.

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OK! Ready! Don’t Panic!!  This topic is probably the biggest concern and I want to make it workable for all.  I’d like to think I am pretty flexible about HW.  I have a very busy professional and personal life and 2 children myself who are older. (Well, one at home now as my beautiful daughter just left for college!) I know firsthand what it is like to try to get everything accomplished in a day and then deal with homework.  My goal of homework is to have the child review what we have done in class by giving an appropriate assignment thus your child should only require a quick review of directions.  Each week, your child will receive a Homework Sheet listing All ASSIGNMENTS/TESTS/QUIZZES and important weekly information for that week.  If your child has difficulty or there is confusion, I’d rather they try to do it on their own and show me the next morning where they had trouble so I can go over the skill with them.  You can also note your observations.  If students hand in completed assignments that are correct, I assume they understand.  If your child is giving you a hard time about the homework, please let me know as this can be rectified easily in a variety of ways.  I have many suggestions to help conquer homework problems.   We correct assignments in class, individually or as a group everyday to iron out confusion right away and to learn from our mistakes.  I do expect all homework to be completed, HOWEVER, if there are SPECIAL circumstances please write me a note and your child can make it up the next night or you may request that they stay in for recess.  If assignments aren’t being completed and this is a recurring problem then we may need review why this is happening and make some changes.  Students will be given a homework folder that they are to transport homework and notices:  YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS FOLDER DAILY. As a parent, this is your homework every night!!   Please do not leave this entirely up your child to show you everything. Keeping a small basket or tray where your child can drop notices or leave things for you to be signed is handy. My advice is to have a quiet place where your child will do homework every night consistently.  Homework should take no more than an hour and if it does then your child is wasting a lot of time.  I’d suggest if this is a pattern to set the timer and after time is up, pack up and send a note to me.  Homework can become the battle of the day and I want to help you all eliminate this battle, so please communicate problems to me and I will assure you that I will help you win!!!

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