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5th Grade Classroom

December 11

Last packet of the year!

Don't forget costumes for the Town  Meeting! 

Vocabulary Test postponed  until next week! Yeah!

Posted Monday 12/11/17 12:00 AM
December 4-December 11

Congratulations to all of our hard-working inventors participating in the district's Invention Convention!  We're all so proud of your hard work. 

Regular weekly packet due December 11 - and don't forget to wrap up your novels by December 11 as well.  It's so great that SOOO many of you have already started a second, optional novel! Wow!!!! 

Posted Tuesday 12/05/17 7:57 AM
Week of November 27th
Don't forget all science novels are due by December 11! 
Posted Wednesday 11/29/17 3:21 PM
Week of November 6-10

No School on Tuesday.  

Veterans Day tea on Friday, followed by a Town Meeting tribute to our vets!

Homework packet due next Tuesday due to no school THIS Tuesday.

Make sure you do your Yammer posts, and pick any two to respond to. 

Posted Monday 11/06/17 9:19 AM
October 23 - October 30th
This week: regular week! Book fair starts Tuesday in the library.  Feel free to send in a few dollars for your 5th grader to buy some terrific books at a discounted price! Don't forget Trunk or Treat. By now, our room parents have contacted you regarding what to bring in for Friday's exciting after school event. 
Posted Monday 10/23/17 9:10 AM
May 1-8

Packet due

All Sports Novels Due

Memorize script and songs for next week!

Audubon walk Monday, May 8

Posted Wednesday 05/03/17 10:15 AM
April 24- May 1

Finish sports-themed novels by May 8th!

Homework posted below. 

Posted Monday 04/24/17 12:35 PM
week of March 27th -April 7

Busy weeks!

Puppet character sketch due Monday, April 3

Field Trip on Thursday, April 6

Young Authors Day  Dress Up on April 7

Posted Friday 03/31/17 3:41 PM
Week of March 20-24th

Circus Week!

Don't forget to try and get your novel finished by Friday! You've had four weeks and many 5th graders are just about finished with their THIRD science novel!

Triple busy people (Invention Convention, play and Curiosity Shop) just have Yammer.  Double-duties have half it packet it. 

Posted Tuesday 03/21/17 3:25 PM
Week of March 3-17

Don't forget, if you had more than six wrong on your most recent spelling test, YOU DO have spelling homework!

f you're involved in THREE school-related activities, you just have to do 1/2 math and Yammer entry after you read. 

If you're involved in TWO school related activities after school, just do a 1/2 packet. 

Otherwise, homework as usual - packet due Monday, March 20th. 

Posted Monday 03/13/17 12:32 PM
Feb. 13-Feb 24th

One packet, due February 26th!

Writing - finish your rough draft and get it ready for our peer writing groups!


Posted Tuesday 02/14/17 12:38 PM
Week of January 30- Feb. 3

Yammer Due on Friday!

All books should be COMPLETED by Monday, Feb. 6th.  You'll quiz one another to make sure everyone read!

Packets due Monday, Feb. 6th

Middle School Play is Thursday, Feb. 9th

Posted Thursday 02/02/17 11:28 AM
January 17-20

Packet due -- Back to MONDAY! Great job EVERYONE remembering to hand it in!

YAMMER entry - R.A.C.E your answers - due by Friday, January 20th!

Posted Tuesday 01/17/17 3:23 PM
Week of January 9-13

Homework packet due Tuesday!

YAMMER entries due Friday, January 20th

Posted Thursday 01/12/17 11:26 AM
Week of January 3-6

Packets will be due TUESDAYS for the next several weeks due to a string of Monday holidays

Reading letters are 'suspended' for now as Mrs. Whelan, our tech teacher, will teach us how to use Yammer, an in-school social media tool to share on our latest science novels

Posted Friday 01/06/17 11:45 AM
Week of December 12-16

homework packet!

Read Peaches for Tuesday in Esperanza Rising

5th Grade's going to rule Friday's Town Meeting!

-Dress up as a 'newsie' or a 'factory girl' for Friday

-learn lyrics to "Seize the Day" by Wednesday so you can perform at your best

Homework packet due Monday, December 19th. The last one of the year!!!

Posted Monday 12/12/16 12:33 PM
Week of December 5-9

Counting down the days until our break!

Homework Packet due December 12

Math each night

Reading the next chapter of Esperanza  Rising through Wednesday night...


Posted Monday 12/05/16 3:19 PM
Week of November 14th -18th


Packet due November 21

Wednesday - finish chapter 6. You can use these links for reading Esperanza Rising, chapter 6, if you'd like to draw or clean your room while you listen. You'll have to cut and paste the URL. 


part two:



Posted Tuesday 11/15/16 5:36 PM
week of November 7-11

5h grade in Town Meeting on Friday, November 11th, 2 pm.

Spelling quiz on sort 12, direct and indirect object, and Point of View on Monday, November 14th

Packet due November 14th

Posted Monday 11/07/16 11:48 AM
October 31-November 7th

Packet due November 7th.

No School November 8th.

5H-Group 2 Book letters due this week

Vocabulary  paragraph (10 vocab words used in clever sentences) OR crossword puzzle due Friday. 

You're encouraged to speak to your adults concerning human rights issues being discussed in the news and how they relate to the either Esperanza Rising or the the UDHR. 

Posted Saturday 10/29/16 7:32 AM
Week of October 24-28

Packet due October 31

Spelling Quiz on Friday!  Pick a fun way to study!

Is your book letter due THIS week? Next week? Consult the list in your homeroom if you're unsure! 

Posted Monday 10/24/16 3:19 PM
week of October 17-24

Packet due Monday, October 24

Is Your book letter due this week?

Book Fair is October 17-20! Preview during library times and shop on Wednesday afternoon. 

5th Grade perform's The Monster Math in this Friday's Town Meeting (October 21)

Posted Tuesday 10/18/16 3:34 PM

Challenging * Achieving * Excelling

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