A Private School Experience in a Public School Setting

Budget (2022-2023)

View the 2022-2023 Budget Book (large PDF file)

Comments and questions on the 2022-2023 budget can be directed to Ian Neviaser, Superintendent of Schools, at neviaseri@region18.org

Table of Contents (individual pages)

Superintendent and Board Chair’s Letter of Transmittal (pages 1-3)

Key Events in the 2022-2023 Budget Development Process (page 4)

A Primer in Contemporary Budget Concepts (page 5)

Budget Summary (page 6)

2022-2023 Total Budget Summary (graph) (page 7)

Budget Increase by Line Item (graph) (page 8)

Budget Increase by Line Item and Category (pages 9-10)

Elementary Budget by Program/Object (page11)

Middle School Budget by Program/Object (page 12)

High School Budget by Program/Object (page 13)

District-Wide Services (page 14)

Elementary Budget by Program Area (page 15)

Middle School Budget by Program Area (page 16)

High School Budget by Program Area (page 17)

Totals by Program Area (page 18)

Instructional Programs (page 19)

Facilities (page 20)

Special Education (page 21)

Administrative Services (page 22)

Employee Benefits  and Support Services (page 23)

Certified Salaries (page 24)

Non-Certified Salaries and Transportation (page 25)

Chart of Accounts – Account Structure (page 26)

Chart of Accounts Coding Sheet – General Fund Expenditures (page 27)

Capital Projects Budget (page 28)

Instructional and Operational Technology (page 29)

Debt Service Payments (page 30)

Principal and Interest Payments (graph) (page 31)

Budget Increase History 1993-94-through 2007-08 (page 32)

Budget Increase History 2008-09 through 2022-23 (page 33)

Budget Increase History (graph) (page 34)

Personnel FTEs (page 35)

Three Year Budget Proposal by Line Item - % Increase (Decrease) by Line (page 36)

Summary of Federal Grants (page 37)

Impact to Towns (page 38)

Estimated Revenue (page 39)

Enrollment Trends (page 40)