Summer Reading For LOLMS and LOLHS
Posted 06/28/2018 12:57PM

Summer Reading Information for LOLMS and LOLHS

Visit our K-12 Literacy Resource Website

Our district Library Media Specialists have published a multifaceted Literacy Resource Guide for our parents and students. This website provides links to reading, math, science, cultural, physical, and global literacy resources for K-12 students. It also incorporates packets and assignments for Summer Math and Summer Reading, suggested reading lists, places to visit, resources to consult and much more.

LOLMS Required Summer Reading Overview

             Grade 6 Required Summer Reading Assignment

              Grade 7 Required Summer Reading Assignment

              Grade 8 Required Summer Reading Assignment

LOLHS Required Summer Reading Overview

             Annotated Note Taking Guide (optional)

             Grade 12 Level 2 Top Summer Reading Picks 2018