A Private School Experience in a Public School Setting

Strategic Plan


To create and nurture students' love of learning and the value of the educational process through relevant, engaging, high quality curriculum and teaching.

  • Embed throughout the curriculum:

Experiences that teach rigorous decision-making, personal accountability, and global citizenship.

The skills of flexibility, creativity, collaboration, independence, and self-advocacy.

Supports for social and emotional development.

  • Continue to offer diverse programming opportunities within students' educational experience (curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular):

Use demographic and usage data to inform decisions.

  • Assure that assessments are:

Rigorous, relevant, and necessary.

Used to inform decision-making for improvements in curriculum and instruction.

Human Resources

  • To recruit and retain high quality staff.
  • Offer high quality training and professional development for all staff.


  • To expand partnerships between and among the global community resulting in opportunities for students such as: international school partnerships, tutoring, mentoring, cross-generational initiatives, and internships.
  • To continue strong relations and communications with the public resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • To utilize the unique natural and human resources in our communities to offer real world educational experiences and curricular connections for our students.


  • To continue to maintain safe school facilities, grounds and athletic fields.

Assure up-to-date security, technology, and equipment.

Plan for budget implications based on need.

Measurements of Success

  • Achievements

Success beyond high school.

State assessments.

School, teacher, and student recognitions.

Success at the transition years (elementary to middle and middle to high school).

  • Student Enrollment

Positive community perception.

Strong community enrollment.

  • Retention of High Quality Staff


Professional Development Offerings.