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article commentary format

G. D. Elliott


                                                                                                                                June 2009

                             Science Article Commentary Format


1.       The article must be attached with a staple or in the same folder as your commentary.


2.       The article commentary is formal writing and should use correct spelling , grammar and be typed.  It consists of four paragraphs.


A.      Paragraph 1.

This is a short summary of the article.  It should be at least three sentences.  Optimally this should be five or six sentences that give a comprehensive and comprehensible synopsis of the article.  A diagram or a graph is encouraged. 


B.      Paragraph 2.

This is why you liked this article and chose to report on it.  This should also be at least two sentences and not more than a paragraph.


C.      Paragraph 3.

This is where you delve deeper into the subject your article covered by reading a reference such as an encyclopedia or a textbook.  Citing another on-line source is only sufficient if it ends with edu, gov, or org but even then you need to be sure that that it is not the same source as your original article.  An on-line encyclopedia is acceptable.  You should read this authoritative article and then explain something that you did not understand prior to reading the article in your own words.  If you understood everything in the article, then add some details provided in the reference that were not in the original article. You must cite this reference in which you found the article by title, author, and source. 


D.      Paragraph 4

This is what you or scientists can do or expect to do with this information.  What is the next step, e.g. what needs to be researched next?  This should not be less than two sentences nor more than a paragraph.